Chicago vs. New York – Who makes the best pizza?

Pizza is originally an Italian dish, but today it is popular all over the world. So many different places have their own version, with the Chicago and New York versions being among the best. But which of these great Americans is the best of the best?

Their origins

To make pizza great in either city, you must first know it. The stories of Chicago and New York differ when it comes to the dish: Chicago was the first to open a pizzeria. Gennaro Lombardi opened Lombardi’s in 1905 and brought Neapolitan-style pizza to the Italians working in New York. Over time, New Yorkers became accustomed to the dish and the restaurant managed to survive for more than a century (except for the decade when it closed). Credit goes to Ike Sewell, who brought Pizzeria Uno to the city after returning from Italy during World War II. His intention was to provide soldiers returning from the war with a dining experience they had come to love so much while abroad. But it wasn’t just the veterans who craved Sewell’s pizza, it was the majority of Chicagoans.

Their crust

If there’s one thing that sets New York pizza apart from Chicago pizza, it’s the crust. New Yorkers like it thin and crispy, while Chicagoans prefer the size. The thicker the crust, the better in their eyes. The latter is often harder to eat by hand, better with knife and fork. After all, it’s usually not just the crust that’s incredibly thick, but also the bottom. If pizza from New York is synonymous with elegance and sophistication, then pizza from Chicago is certainly synonymous with better value for money.

Their best restaurants

If you visit New York or Chicago, you will have no trouble finding a good slice of pizza. But given the number of pizzerias in both cities, it makes sense that some are better than others. In New York, Di Fara is one of the best restaurants for classic New York pizza, while Koronet Pizza often has the best deals. The Basille artichoke pizza is a good choice if you want to try something different. If you’re in the mood for an authentic version of Chicago’s urban pizza, Lou Malnati’s is usually the best. Chicago’s Pizza is a good place to go if you want value for money, while Bricks Pizza lets you try something more revolutionary.

Ultimately, there is no telling which city makes the best pizza. After all, taste is often subjective, so what one person likes, another may not. It depends a bit on how you want to prepare the pizza. If you want it thin, crispy and easy to eat with your hands, the New York is the best choice. However, if you want your pizza thicker and chewy, you probably won’t be disappointed with the Chicago offering.

Written by Kevin Noah