London sweets everyone should try on their next visit to the Big Smoke

When we think of London, we might not immediately think of its desserts. But maybe it’s time to take a tour of the city, because these are the London sweets everyone should try on their next visit to the Big Smoke.

Cotton cones

If you want to try something that’s perfect for social media, it might be time to try a Milk Train caramel cone. It’s a great combination of ice cream and candy colours, available in a variety of flavours including cream pie, salted caramel and black sesame, and then topped with a variety of toppings.

Croissant doughnut

Dum Dums is one of London’s most famous donut shops and it’s something special. That’s right, it’s home to croissant doughnuts. Not only is this doughnut the perfect combination of two delicious desserts, it also comes in flavours such as strawberry cream, cinnamon, creme brulee and salted caramel.


The freakshake revolution started to be a hit in recent years. Now even London has its own freakshake. . Now even London has its own freakshake. You’ll find them in Holloway, where you can add anything you can imagine to your cocktail. From Oreo cookies to pretzels and everything in between, nothing is too much for the perfect London freakshake.

Ice cream sandwiches

Of course, ice cream sandwiches can be found all over the world, but Yolkin’s is different. They’re made to a recipe by owner Sammy, who wanted to use leftover egg yolks to make pasta. Nowadays, these sandwiches come in almost every shape and flavour imaginable.

Egg forks

Egg waffles were first produced in Hong Kong but have dominated the luxury dessert market ever since. London’s pluriball has its own place in the market and is a great image for your social media feed. Available in matcha, chocolate or dark chocolate, the waffles can be filled with anything including cheesecake and fresh fruit, then topped with peanut butter, Nutella or caramel.


The word ‘biscuits’ perfectly describes Cutter and Squidge’s combination of cakes, cookies and biscuits. The hybrid is filled with caramel, jam and buttercream and is available in a variety of flavours. It is almost perfect for taking beautiful photographs before enjoying.

Multi-layer cake

Although this London dessert is called a layer cake, it actually consists of thin crepes covered with French cream. They are delicious, beautiful and perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth next time you’re in London. All you have to do is choose from flavours including mango and matcha before enjoying your dessert.

The London desserts everyone should try on their next visit to the Big Smoke will not only give you an excuse to explore the city, but also enough sugar to fill your adventures.

Written by Kevin Noah