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    The safest European cities for women traveling solo

    While some of us only want to go on vacation with a group of close friends, others are eager to spread their wings and do things their own way. If this sounds familiar, you might want to take a look at the safest European cities for solo female travelers. Vienna, Austria The capital of Austria […] More

  • disabled tourist person

    Here are the best wheelchair-friendly cities in the world

    Traveling the world when in a wheelchair can be a challenge, partly because not all destinations are as accessible as they should be. Fortunately, there are some amazing places that have taken people with disabilities into account. Here are the best wheelchair-friendly cities on the planet. A beach vacation in Barcelona is possible because of […] More

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    The best countries for solo travelers of all backgrounds

    There are times when some of us would like to be around people. And then there are times when you want to be completely alone. Maybe you need a real break from the routine and want to explore places others don’t want to see? Fortunately, the best countries for solo travelers from all walks of […] More

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    The most scenic road trips to do in Malawi

    To make the most of each country you visit, it’s worth exploring the most scenic places in the region. A great way to do this is to take a road trip that takes you to some of the unmissable places. Here’s what to consider if you’re looking for the most scenic drives to do in […] More