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  • Fjällbacka, Sweden

    6 things that surprised me in Scandinavia

    Welcome to a new instalment in the series of things that surprised me while traveling. Having done two (Spain and Singapore), I realize that these articles are not just for you, dear readers, but are also an important point of reflection for me to exercise my powers of observation and become more aware of the […] More

  • tourist

    Where to go in autumn? The best sun-seeking destinations

    September and October are times when it is coldest and grayest outside the window. This is the time to think about traveling to places where summer is still present. This article is written from the point of view of a European (particularly one who lives in Central Europe). Autumn is undoubtedly a lovely season. Trees […] More

  • ski station



    Where can you ski in France? – Classification of ski slopes

    Are you planning a ski trip? Then France turns out to be the right destination. This region’s high-mountain ski resorts are said to be some of the best in all of Europe, and the well-maintained and groomed slopes will entice you to spend the entire day on the slopes cheering frantically. France is a true […] More

  • vocation

    Simple ways to plan the perfect vacation

    Going on vacation alone should be reason enough to sit back and relax, right? Although it may seem that way at first, many of us often feel rushed because we are trying to do everything perfectly. Fortunately, we can save ourselves this stress by learning some simple ways to plan the perfect vacation. Limit yourself […] More